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Downtown Miami is one of the hottest and most diverse areas for both condos and real estate in South Florida. It boasts high class offerings of residential and commercial properties that suit every lifestyle and price point imaginable. Shaped within a mixed cultural blend and a population of over 5.4 million residents, Miami is one of the most populated metropolitan areas in the United States. It is also the largest financial and business center in Florida. Miami’s Downtown area is the lighthouse for contemporary executives and residents alike. Its impressive landscape is full of high-rise condominium towers stretching from its southern bordering neighborhoods of Brickell Ave and Brickell Key to the area of Midtown Miami to its north. Just east of Downtown Miami you will find other nearby cities and neighborhoods including South Beach, Miami Beach and Fisher Island.


Downtown Miami is the up-and-coming luxury neighborhood of Miami with many condos offering some of the best waterfront views and amenities anywhere in the city. Top Luxury Downtown Miami Condos include Marquis Residences, 900 Biscayne Bay, Epic Residences, Marina Blue, and Ten Museum Park. Other popular downtown condo choices include 50 Biscayne, One Miami East and One Miami West. The amenities and features of many of these dynamic properties are endless and are regarded as some of the most luxurious anywhere in the world. Most Downtown Miami condos are located along Biscayne Boulevard and are within walking distance to the American Airlines Arena, Bayside Marketplace and Adrienne Arsht Center and a seven minute drive to South Beach and the Miami International Airport. Downtown Miami luxury condos are located in areas that offer a multiple choice option range to configure your lifestyle. Whether its sports, relax, business, family activities or nightlife, the Downtown Miami area offers you a specialized spot. Traveling east Along the MacArthur Causeway, Jungle Island and Miami Children’s Museum exemplify family five-star entertainment. As you continue along the Causeway you find the path to celebrities’ homes in some of the islands aside the road such as Star Island. As you continue east, the Causeway leads to popular Miami Beach and the well-known South Beach areas where a variety of nightlife action takes place. Many famous restaurants, theaters and bars shape South Beach offering the most vibrant alternatives for every taste. All this will be at your reach, when you decide to take advantage of the opportunity that is open for future condo owners in Downtown Miami.


Biscayne Boulevard is the main north-south road in downtown Miami and Flagler Street is the main east-west road. Inside of this area includes Park West, the area due west of Bicentennial Park and northern Brickell. Other areas that are many times adjoined with Downtown are the area to the north known as Midtown Miami which is north of 17th Terrace and Brickell Avenue to the south. Public Transportation in the Miami downtown area is used more than in any other part of Miami and is a vital part of downtown life. The Metrorail has stops throughout Miami as well as Miami-Dade County with connections to Miami International Airport, all Miami-Dade County bus lines, Tri-Rail and Amtrak. The cultural landscape has changed forever with the opening of the new Performing Arts Center which creates a venue for all of Miami arts organizations' performances. Residents can visit the Midtown Arts district or the Design District and browse through the many art galleries and showrooms. These are the places to find design ideas plus unique furniture, carpeting, and antiques to furnish your new condo purchase. Specialty boutiques and department stores on Flagler and Bayside keep hardcore shoppers content and parks, museums and performing arts centers keep you entertained every night of the week. To the east of the “Biscayne Wall” is Museum Park – formerly Bicentennial Park. The park is set to undergo a multimillion dollar renovation which will include construction of two museums (a science museum and an art museum) in the park. To the North of this area are the Miami Performing Arts District and the Miami Opera House. The Miami Worldcenter will bring a pedestrian friendly shopping area to Park West similar to Lincoln Road in South Beach. Miami downtown condos, with over ten thousand new residential condo units being built, will experience an explosion of growth in the next several years and reach the critical mass needed to complete the establishment of a twenty-four hour urban community that never sleeps!


The Downtown Miami condo area is undergoing a complete makeover of its skyline and is evolving into a vibrant, non-stop residential condominiums community. Miami's architects have redrawn the skyline with high-rise bay front condo towers while maintaining several landmarks, such as, the Freedom Tower, a well-known landmark on Biscayne Boulevard and the city’s first skyscraper. Downtown Miami is home to the largest library in the Southeast, the Historical Museum of Southern Florida and the Miami Art Museum. The famous American Airlines Arena hosts the NBA’s Miami Heat plus many concerts each year. Bayside Marketplace is an open-air waterfront market featuring dining, shopping, and local outdoor entertainment. Over 12 million people from over ninety countries around the globe visit Miami annually and the local Miami condo population reflects this diversity. The city vibrates with commerce, the arts and entertainment for all who reside or travel here. Imagine living in a place with an amazing variety of restaurants, shopping and cultural attractions—plus some of the world’s best beaches—right outside your door. You don’t have to imagine it, because all this and more can be yours in your own Downtown Miami or Brickell Luxury Condo. There has never been a better time for you to make your move into a Downtown Miami or Brickell Community. The Miami area has uncountable options on every interest. Not only does Miami offer large scale tourism entertainment activities, but it also offers a sea of possibilities for financial and business activities. You can snap up a magnificent waterfront condo at record low prices and be sinking your toes into the sand before you know it. Whether you picture yourself living right on the waterfront, or in the middle of the action, there is a luxury condo waiting for you. Whatever you’ve dreamed of, you can find it here in Downtown Miami today!

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Miami Condo Developments

Name Units Floors Year Min Price Location Sales
1000 Museum 1000 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 84 Units 62 Floors 2019 From $7,200,000
Bayfront 11
1800 Club 1800 N Bayshore Dr Miami FL 33132 468 Units 42 Floors 2007 From $585,000
Bayfront 4
50 Biscayne 50 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 529 Units 54 Floors 2007 From $380,000
Bayfront 18
500 Brickell East 500 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131 316 Units 43 Floors 2008 From $785,000
City 5
500 Brickell West 55 SE 6th St. Miami FL 33131 43 Units 317 Floors 2008 From $460,000
City 8
900 Biscayne Bay 900 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 516 Units 63 Floors 2008 From $639,000
Bayfront 19
Asia 900 Brickell Key Blvd Miami FL 33131 123 Units 36 Floors 2008 From $1,220,000
Bayfront 7
Aston Martin Residences 300 Biscayne Blvd Wy Miami FL 33131 391 Units 66 Floors 2023 From $59,000,000
Bayfront 1
Axis Brickell 1101 SW 1 Av & 79 SW 12 St Miami FL 33130 352/352 Units 40/40 Floors 2008 From $449,000
City 15
Blue 601 NE 36 St Miami FL 33137 329 Units 36 Floors 2006 From $675,000
Bayfront 8
Brickell Flatiron 1000 Brickell Plaza Miami FL 33130 527 Units 64 Floors 2019 From $950,000
City 19
Bristol Tower 2127 Brickell Ave. Miami FL 33129 147 Units 40 Floors 1993 From $1,900,000
Bayfront 2
Carbonell 901 Brickell Key Blvd Miami FL 33131 284 Units 40 Floors 2005 From $450,000
Bayfront 14
Courvoisier Courts 701 Brickell Key Blvd Miami FL 33131 330 Units 28 Floors 1997 From $550,000
Bayfront 5
Dolce & Gabbana Residences Brickell 888 Brickell Ave. Miami FL 33131 259 Units 90 Floors 2026 From $3,000,000
Downtown -
Elysee 788 NE 23 St Miami FL 33137 100 Units 57 Floors 2021 From $4,050,000
Bayfront 6
Emerald at Brickell 218 SE 14th St Miami FL 33131 142 Units 27 Floors 2006 From $549,900
City 6
Epic Residences 200 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33131 342 Units 54 Floors 2009 From $595,000
Bayfront 29
Four Seasons 1425 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131 186 Units 70 Floors 2003 From $1,360,000
Bayfront 10
Grove Hill Tower 2645 S. Bayshore Dr. Coconut Grove FL 33133 77 Units 20 Floors 1996 From $0
Bayfront -
Icon Brickell I 465-475 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131 713 Units 52/57 Floors 2009 From $425,000
Bayfront 31
Icon Brickell II 495 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131 561 Units 57 Floors 2009 From $602,500
Bayfront 30
Icon Brickell III (W Miami) 485 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131 745 Units 50 Floors 2009 From $530,000
Bayfront 27
Infinity at Brickell 60 SW 13th St Miami FL 33130 459 Units 56 Floors 2008 From $430,000
City 12
Ivy at Riverfront 90 SW 3rd St Miami FL 33131 504 Units 45 Floors 2008 From $439,900
Riverfront 12
Jade at Brickell Bay 1331 Brickell Bay Dr Miami FL 33131 326 Units 48 Floors 2004 From $1,150,000
Bayfront 10
Marina Blue 888 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 516 Units 57 Floors 2008 From $599,000
Bayfront 17
Marquis Residences 1100 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 292 Units 67 Floors 2009 From $949,000
Bayfront 16
Missoni Baia 700 NE 26 Ter Miami FL 33137 249 Units 57 Floors 2023 From $740,000
Bayfront 42
NATIIVO by Airbnb 190 NE 6 St Miami FL 33132 412 Units 50 Floors 2023 From $400,000
Downtown -
One Miami East 335 S Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33131 451 Units 44 Floors 2005 From $430,000
Bayfront 16
One Miami West 325 S Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33131 453 Units 45 Floors 2005 From $279,999
Bayfront 16
One Tequesta Point 888 Brickell Key Dr. Miami FL 33131 289 Units 30 Floors 1995 From $569,900
Bayfront 8
Paramount Bay 2066 N Bayshore Dr Miami FL 33137 346 Units 47 Floors 2011 From $1,149,000
Bayfront 12
Paramount Miami WorldCenter 851 NE 1 Ave Miami FL 33132 569 Units 58 Floors 2019 From $469,000
Downtown 71
Plaza on Brickell 950-951 Brickell Bay Dr Miami FL 33131 400/560 Units 43/55 Floors 2008 From $575,000
City 18
Quantum on the Bay 1900 N Bayshore Dr Miami FL 33132 698 Units 44/51 Floors 2008 From $349,000
Bayfront 11
Santa Maria 1643 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33129 173 Units 51 Floors 1997 From $1,990,000
Bayfront 6
Skyline on Brickell 2101 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33129 360 Units 35 Floors 2004 From $448,000
Bayfront 19
Star Lofts 700 NE 25 St Miami FL 33137 47 Units 24 Floors 2007 From $4,795,000
Bayfront 1
Ten Museum Park 1040 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 200 Units 50 Floors 2007 From $722,000
Bayfront 9
Three Tequesta Point 848 Brickell Key Dr Miami FL 33131 238 Units 46 Floors 2001 From $755,000
Bayfront 9
Two Tequesta Point 808 Brickell Key Dr Miami FL 33131 285 Units 40 Floors 1999 From $649,000
Bayfront 6
Una Residences 175 SE 25 Rd Miami FL 33129 137 Units 47 Floors 2024 From $4,500,000
Bayfront 5
Vizcayne North 244 Biscayne Blvd Miami FL 33132 409 Units 49 Floors 2009 From $330,000
Downtown 18
Vizcayne South 253 NE 2 St Miami FL 33132 449 Units 49 Floors 2009 From $435,000
Dowtown 16