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NATIIVO Fort Lauderdale is located in Downtown Ft Laud & Las Olas

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale: A Smart Way to Own in Downtown Fort Lauderdale 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale is a unique and exciting development project bringing a new concept to the city's vibrant downtown scene. This 38-story tower, designed by the acclaimed architecture firm Arquitectonica, promises a flexible lifestyle for residents and investors alike. 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale is the first turnkey, residential and hospitality property in Fort Lauderdale. Purposefully designed, built, and licensed for short term rentals, Natiivo offers a homeshare opportunity that allows residents a smart way to own. An iconic 38-story tower in the city’s downtown epicenter, Natiivo will offer a flexible lifestyle of designer spaces, unprecedented amenities, and the very best of Fort Lauderdale. 

A vibe inspired by Fort Lauderdale with a renewed energy in the creative, professional, and culture that has brought downtown Fort Lauderdale to life. It’s a new momentum. A new era with Natiivo Fort Lauderdale at its center. One where residents can own smart and play hard. 

In the rapidly evolving landscape of luxury real estate, a new contender has emerged that promises to redefine the standards of upscale urban living. Natiivo Fort Lauderdale, having just launched, is capturing the attention of both real estate investors and lifestyle enthusiasts alike. This innovative development is more than just high-end real estate; it's a lifestyle revolution. 

Perhaps the most striking aspect of Natiivo Fort Lauderdale is its expansive array of amenities. Statistics show that modern buyers place a significant emphasis on lifestyle features when considering real estate investments. Natiivo seems poised to exceed these expectations by offering amenities that rival those of luxury resorts. 

Residents have access to a rooftop pool deck with panoramic views, a state-of-the-art fitness center complete with trainers and wellness programs, and co-working spaces designed to inspire productivity and creativity. Moreover, the development emphasizes community and connectivity, featuring social lounges, private dining, and entertainment options that foster a sense of belonging 

Natiivo has revolutionized the resort condominium ownership, with the ease of hotel management. A blend of flexible use in condo residences, the ease of hotel management, and advantages of short-term rental, has made it an ideal purchase for the modern real estate buyer.

The brand that embodies its Fort Lauderdale location, encouraging owners and guest to own and stay like a native, to fully inhabit the culture, environment, and re-imagined idea of a home away from home, with the flexibility to live life on their terms using innovative services, world class design, expansive amenities, and the ability to rent their property with the ultimate flexibility permitting short or long-term stays.

Here are some key features of Natiivo Fort Lauderdale: 

  • Turnkey, residential and hospitality property: Natiivo offers residents the option to live in their units or rent them out through short-term rental platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. This provides flexibility and the potential for income generation. 


  • Prime downtown location: Situated at 100 NW 1st Ave, Natiivo is steps away from the Broward Center for the Performing Arts, Las Olas Boulevard, and the Riverwalk. 


  • Modern and spacious residences: The tower will feature 384 condo units ranging from 500 to 1,200 square feet, with floor-to-ceiling windows and private balconies offering stunning city and water views. 


  • Luxury amenities: Residents can enjoy a rooftop pool, fitness center, yoga studio, social lounge, game room, and more. 


  • Smart building technology: The building will feature advanced technology, including a high-speed fiber-optic network and a mobile app for managing rentals and amenities. 
  • Investment opportunity:Natiivo presents an attractive investment opportunity for those seeking a diversified portfolio with potential for appreciation. With its flexible ownership structure and income-generating potential,Natiivo stands out in the Fort Lauderdale market. 

Turning Dreams into Reality 

Situated in the heart of Fort Lauderdale, a city already renowned for its beautiful beaches, vibrant culture, and burgeoning tech scene, Natiivo takes the concept of luxury living to unprecedented heights. Offering a blend of meticulously designed residences and unmatched amenities, this development is crafted to cater to the demands of modern life. Natiivo is designed to accommodate a diverse spectrum of needs and preferences. Each unit boasts of floor-to-ceiling windows, offering breathtaking views of the city skyline or the serene Atlantic, smart home technology for seamless living, and interiors crafted by world-renowned designers. 

Addressing the New Era of Work and Play 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale arrives at a time when the lines between work, life, and play are increasingly blurred. The recent shifts in work culture, prompted by the global move towards remote and flexible working arrangements, have highlighted the importance of living in spaces that can accommodate these changes. Natiivo’s integrated living and workspace solutions speak directly to this emerging trend, offering a forward-thinking solution for the modern professional. 

A Testament to Sustainable Urban Development 

In response to growing concerns about environmental sustainability and urban living, Natiivo Fort Lauderdale has embraced green building practices. From energy-efficient systems and appliances to sustainable building materials, the development sets a new standard in eco-friendly luxury living. This commitment not only enhances the living experience for residents but also contributes positively to the broader Fort Lauderdale community. 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale represents more than just another luxury development; it is a bold statement on the future of urban living. It answers the call for a lifestyle that is as dynamic, diverse, and discerning as the people it seeks to attract. As we watch this exciting chapter in Fort Lauderdale's evolving narrative unfold, one thing is clear: Natiivo is not just building homes; it's crafting the backdrop for a life well-lived. 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale: Redefining Luxury with Unmatched Amenities 

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, the buzz is all about the latest symbol of luxury urban living—Natiivo Fort Lauderdale. It isn’t just the prime location that's capturing attention, but the array of amenities that set a new standard for what residents can expect from their home. Natiivo Fort Lauderdale is more than a living space; it is a bold reimagining of the modern lifestyle, promising an environment where every amenity has been crafted to enhance your day-to-day life. 

Wellness Redefined 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale acknowledges that wellness goes beyond the physical—it'sa holistic approach encompassing body, mind, and spirit. The state-of-the-art fitness center offers not just advanced equipment for physical conditioning but also spaces dedicated to yoga and meditation, catering to a comprehensive wellness journey. Imagine starting your day with a sunrise yoga session on the outdoor terrace, the city waking up around you. It's these moments that elevate living to an art form. 

Leisure and Social Spaces 

Understanding the importance of leisure and social interaction in contemporary living, Natiivo Fort Lauderdale presents residents with a variety of spaces designed to foster community and relaxation. The rooftop pool deck, with its stunning city and ocean views, cabanas, and lounge areas, creates an exclusive retreat for residents. It’s a place where you can unwind under the sun, host gatherings, or simply enjoy a quiet evening overlooking the city lights. 

Adding to this communal spirit are the social lounges and coworking spaces. These areas blend comfort with functionality, providing the perfect backdrop for networking, collaborating, or socializing. The interior design of these spaces speaks to a sophisticated palette, with an emphasis on creating a welcoming, inclusive atmosphere. 

A Gastronomy Journey 

At Natiivo Fort Lauderdale, culinary experiences are revered and celebrated. The development houses a variety of dining options that promise a journey for the palate. From gourmet restaurants helmed by renowned chefs to cozy cafes perfect for a morning coffee or a work session, residents have access to an eclectic mix of culinary delights. The emphasis is on quality, creativity, and convenience, ensuring a dining experience that’s simply unmatched. 

Uncompromising Convenience and Comfort 

In today's fast-paced world, convenience is not just a luxury—it’s a necessity. Natiivo Fort Lauderdale places a premium on ensuring residents' lives are as seamless as possible. Concierge services cater to a range of needs, from day-to-day tasks to extraordinary requests. Meanwhile, smart home features in every residence redefine the concept of modern living, offering unparalleled convenience and security. 

The pet-friendly policies, private parking, and secure storage solutions further underscore the thoughtfulness that has gone into making Natiivo Fort Lauderdale a beacon of urban living. 

Embrace the Natiivo Lifestyle 

Natiivo Fort Lauderdale stands as a testament to a lifestyle unbound by convention. Here, every amenity has been carefully selected to enrich the lives of its residents, offering a sanctuary that is both inspiring and restorative. It represents a unique opportunity to be a part of a community that values luxury, wellness, and, above all, a zest for life. 

In a world where expectations of luxury living continue to evolve, Natiivo Fort Lauderdale rises to meet and exceed them. It offers not just a place to reside, but a lifestyle to embrace—a sophisticated, vibrant, and fulfilling experience waiting to be discovered. 

For prospective residents who seek an unmatched living experience, the invitation is open: come, see, and be part of the extraordinary world of Natiivo Fort Lauderdale. 


Natiivo Fort Lauderdale offers a one-of-a-kind ownership experience with the luxuries, services, and amenities of a hotel – with the flexibility to list on any short-term rental platform as desired to monetize your residence giving you the ability to manage your rental calendar and earnings, schedule a home cleaning, submit service requests and more.

  • Chat / Messenger / Master Host
  • Homesharing earning portal.
  • Homesharing demand calendar 
  • Resident & building door controls.
  • On-demand services
  • Real-time homesharing rate guide
  • Calendar of events & activities
  • Rewards & perks
  • Service & Maintenance requests.
  • Amenity reservations
  • Access control
  • And more

Current status:Natiivo is currently in the pre-construction phase, with construction expected to begin in 2024 and be completed in 2027. 

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  • Natiivo Social will be composed of the following:
  • “The Work” , an innovative co-working space for residents and guests.
  • “The Splash” the pool with outdoor dining and lounge areas, as well as a sun deck.
  • “The Social” with a restaurant, cocktail bar, a live show and events lounge, DJ booth and more.
  • “The Fit” a spa and fitness area including sauna, steam rooms, massage and treatment rooms, peloton studio, boxing studio, and more.

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